Friday, February 24, 2017

A Teenager's Guide to Loving Yourself

Self-care has been a really big thing within the last couple of years and that's a good thing. Especially with Park's & Rec's, "treat yo' self" episode becoming extremely popular, taking time for yourself has become a mainstream principle. It's important to take a break and show yourself some love when the going gets rough. I know I can speak for students of all ages when I say that school has become a lot more stressful that it has been in the past. I'm in my Junior year of high school and my English class has stressed me out to the point where I've stopped caring about the work and the class itself. Don't get me wrong I still do the work, it's just lost the meaning behind it. Some, if not most, teachers are amazing at recognizing the stress that life in general puts on students in general. Even though some people say that self-care is selfish and wrong, that's not true. In fact, self-care is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and there are so many ways to incorporate it into your life and weekly routine so I thought I'd share my personal, favorite ways to show some love to myself and relax.
  • 2 words. Bubble. Baths.
    • I've just recently found my new obsession with bubble baths and all the bath products I can possibly fine. Lush has some amazing bath products that you can find here. A lot of companies are coming out with bath products to that wouldn't hurt to try either. Bath bombs are my favorite, I'm also a big fan of bubble bars. But cater it to what you like and what you think you would like. If you're just a water only kind of person that's great or if you're like me and have maybe too many bubbles (there's no such thing) in the bath that's great too. 
  • Take yourself out for coffee

    • Whether you like Starbucks, Dunkin, or Dutch go get some! Or, if you're up for the challenge, go find a local coffee shop and support it! I've found that the best coffee comes from local shops. It may take a little research and some driving time but it's worth it, trust me. Sitting down in a coffee shop is the best thing ever. You can do work, read, people watch, listen to music, or bring a friend and have a chat. 
  • Unplug
    • Turn off all your electronics. All of them. Or put them on airplane mode and chill. Detoxing from electronics is nice, even if it's for an hour, you'll find yourself focusing more and feeling better. 
  • Go for a drive
  • This one I don't do as much because if I do happen to do it, it's usually because I'm going somewhere. But driving is insanely relaxing, even in traffic, it's just something that makes me feel at ease because I know I'm in control of my many different ways that you can relax and take care of yourself. If you're having trouble finding some here's my self-care Pinterest board. Let me know what YOU like to do to for self-care in the comments below!