Monday, February 20, 2017

Hi, I'm Kenna

Hi there! I'm Kenna (I go by Ken too), the author behind Live Love Ken if you haven't read my about me page, I highly suggest that you do. To start off, I'll tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm 17. I have 2 dogs & 5 cats. My caffeine addiction is a serious problem. My sweet tooth is insatiable. I'm a big nerd. This is not my first blog (I was too). I'm open minded. I believe in equal rights. I'm somewhere between democrat and republican. I wanna move to Boston someday. I plan on going into nursing or health sciences. I'm not good at talking to people. I think I'm relatable to people of all ages. Golden Girls is my favorite tv show. I'm really weird. I enjoy napping a lot. Warm drinks are my favorite kind. Dunky's (Dunkin Donuts) is my favorite. I've been to SDCC once (and I plan on going again). Rob Gronkowski & Chris Evans are my favorite people in the world. I'm kind of crafty and I love Impractical Jokers.
Now that you know me a little better, here's what you're going to find on my blog. It'll be a range of posts from serious to casual and I'll probably throw in some videos too. I'll post twice a week in the mornings and you can always see my post on my Twitter. I can't wait to start blogging again and I can't wait to share my fragile, little mind with you.