Monday, February 27, 2017

Lessons Learned While Traveling

After watching vlogs about people traveling to places I've been to, I have the strong desire to go back. I think I'm not extremely well traveled but I've been to different places, don't worry I'll find pictures. I love traveling, granted it does get stressful sometimes, but it's worth it. Traveling provides so many useful skills that benefit almost everyone at some point in their life. So, for today's post, to honor my wanderlust, here are 3 lessons that you will learn while traveling (inside or outside of the country).
  1. Being flexible will get you far
    1. This helps in foreign countries too because you'll see the more private, "only locals know about it" parts of the country. I learned this in Paris awhile back when our tour guide started taking us to little artist hang-outs all over the city and we saw what everyday life looked like for Parisians instead of the major tourist hot spots even though we went to those too (because if we didn't it would be an incomplete trip).
  2. Know your boundaries
    1. I feel like this goes for everything, but it never hurts to reiterate. If you're uncomfortable with something, remove yourself from it or say something. You gotta trust your gut instinct, especially when traveling.
  3. Step out of you comfort zone
    1. This completely contradicts #2 but oh well. Immerse yourself into wherever you are. If you're in a foreign country experience their culture! It's one of the coolest things ever, trust me. Try the weird food, listen to the weird music, and watch how natives interact with each other. If you're in a different state, do the same thing! Try the weird food (you'll find some I swear) and watch the locals!
There are more lessons that traveling can teach you but you have to experience and find them out yourself or else it won't mean anything to you. A word of advice before you depart, take pictures of everything and anything, you'll be thankful for it when you're writing a blog post about traveling 4 years later. 

Voyage sûr!