Friday, March 17, 2017

A Lipstick Junkie's Dream Come True

     Happy Friday! Today I'm taking you to a lipstick junkie's dream come true, the Bite Lip Lab. I recently went over spring break (read my post here) and holy moly it was amazing. If you don't know what it is, it is a shop where you can create custom lipsticks!
     Currently, there are four different locations, New York, San Francisco, San Jose and Toronto, from my experience at the San Jose location, it wasn't busy at all. In fact, I was the only one there and it was great because I got to know the girls who were working really well and we talked a lot. There are also two different packages. The cheapest one being the custom lipstick, one for $55 and two for $80 and the most expensive one being the bespoke lipstick which is two, custom lipsticks for $150. Don't worry I'll explain both.
    There are three steps in each package but what you do is a little different. In the custom lipstick service, you work by yourself to pick a pigment (color), choose a finish from glossy sheer, matte, or amuse bouche (satin) and the final step is you picking a scent of cherry, mint, vanilla, citrus, mango, violet, coconut, wild berry or fresh citrus.  The bespoke lipstick service one of the lip lab artists will create a custom shade to your exact specifications and you still get to pick the finish and scent. Along with that you also get an exclusive lip lab kit (it's not like Kylie's lip kit) which includes Bite's whipped cherry lip scrub (which smells amazing), an agave lip mask (also amazing) and Bite's define and prime clear lip liner.
    I ended up doing the bespoke lipstick package because if I were by myself I would have made something I wouldn't like, I don't know why but I would, trust me. The girls who were working were extremely nice and the one girl who was working with me was amazing. Before I get into everything else, I'm a lipstick addict (mostly Colourpop) and my collection is gigantic and I probably have too many. My two go-to colors are pink and red, mostly red because I know I look good in it and it can go with a lot. When we (me and the girl) got started she asked me what I wanted, so I told her what colors that I loved (pink and red) and she asked specific questions about what I liked, which was nice because let's be honest, $150 is a lot of money so if you're gonna spend it, you better be specific for what you want. The pink started out as a very nude pink that matched my skin tone (which usually I don't mind but I wouldn't wear it a lot) so I asked her to make it pinker. "Pinker" was my response for about 5-6 more times until we finally created the perfect pink. The final color has a violet scent which is perfect for the color.
    My second color, red, was a lot quicker to make because she could have given me the base pigment and I would have been as happy as a clam. The first red was amazing and Marilyn-esque, which I liked. But another girl who was working suggested we make it brighter and a little lighter, so we did and that was the final product. For the scent I chose mint and vanilla and I'm absolutely in love with it.
    I highly recommend this experience to all makeup and lipstick lovers out there. It's a once in a lifetime deal and in my opinion, totally worth it. For these two being my first Bite lipsticks, the brand is high quality and well made, which was nice to see. If you're ever close to one of the locations, I would recommend it, I had such a good time and wish I could do it again.

Happy creating!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Break in A Nutshell

     It's Monday and I am not feeling school. Granted I only have 9 weeks left until summer but still, I don't wanna be here. So for today's post, I decided to do a summary of my spring break (with pictures!)
     My oldest sister lives in Northern California and that's where I go during my breaks because it gives me a break from Arizona and I still do a lot of things up there because there's a lot to do. It's more activity friendly than AZ. My spring break started Friday and I left AZ at like 2, we (my mom and I) landed at 4. While I was up there we went to San Francisco for a day because it's literally like 2 hours away from where they live. We took a cable car and drove around San Francisco State University, which was great for me because I kind of want to go there. 
     After San Francisco, my mom and I took my niece to San Jose to go to the Bite Lip Lab to create custom lipsticks (I saw it on BuzzFeed and I was the only one who did it, my niece is only 17 months old and my mom doesn't wear that much makeup. The lip lab is in the Westfield Valley Fair mall, which is a gigantic mall and we got lost, lucky the store has only been there for a good 3 months and we went during the week so I was the only one there! (#holla)
     On the last day there we went to the wharf and ate dinner and I took pictures and got stickers for my niece's and my hydroflask (which I might make a post about but idk yet). Then we went home and today (March 11) was returning registration for SDCC 2017 (there'll be a post later). 
     I had a great time and cannot wait to go back and chill and get my junior year over with because I want it to end, I'm so over it. 
     Let me know what you did on your spring break (or just what you did this week) in the comments below!

Love Ken

Monday, March 6, 2017

An Unexplained Absence...

Hi there! If I hadn't made it clear, I'll be posting twice a week (Monday & Friday) and since I already missed the past Friday (the 3) due to traveling you're getting a makeup post... Since I really don't know what to really talk about, I'd figure I'd do a self-plug for all of my social media platforms.

  1. Twitter
    1. I'm most active on Twitter. I don't really tweet stuff or if I do it's once in a blue moon. But that is how you'll get to know me the fastest (lots of politics and animals). You'll also find most of my blog posts because that's where I share them first.
  2. Instagram
    1. I'm not extremely active on my main account (I have 2, I'll explain later) and if I do it's mostly family, choir, school stuff because that's all I really do. Also, I block a lot of people on accident because I don't know them or they have a sketchy profile, usually I'm pretty good about differentiating bloggers from weirdos.
  3. Youtube
    1. My original platform. I actually wanted to be a vlogger (like Adam Rose, who's an amazing person) but that failed, like crashed and burned right before my eyes. It got so bad that all 3 (yes 3) of my videos have 1 dislike, probably from the same person. 
  4. Google+
    1. I'm never, ever on G+ because I just don't get and I'm not going to force myself to use it like I did last time I had a blog. 
That's it, I only have 4 social media platforms for my blog and I probably won't be expanding anytime soon. If I haven't said this before, let me know what you want to see on here. I'm always open to requests on almost everything (keyword: almost). Makeup, nerd stuff and traveling are a few of the things I'm actually good at and it's stuff that I like doing! So, if you ever have a hankering for a travel tip, makeup tutorial or Batman v Superman post, I'm your gal.