Monday, April 10, 2017

What to do When Life Gets the Best of You

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Hi there, I'm back. Lately, I've realized that I really haven't been myself. There has been a cloud over my head that just won't go away no matter how hard I try to make it disappear. My day could be going great and I'd still be miserable. These past couples of weeks I've also noticed that nothing is making me truly happy anymore and the only things that are bringing me genuine joy are staying in bed avoiding all my responsibilities and watching Impractical Jokers. Going out with my friends is was doing that too because I could forget about all of the impending doom of next year and finally being forced to grow up. Then it hit me. I'm scared. I'm scared of growing up and I'm scared of the future. I know I shouldn't be because I can handle a lot and I know I'll get through it but at the end of the day, I'm terrified of what I can't control. So, here are some tips that I've been using if you're feeling the same way:

  1. Log off
    1. It helps to not get updates about everything because that'll just make you feel worse. Don't pay attention to what your friends are doing, don't pay attention to the news (just for a while, you should pay attention to what's happening in the world, education is power), let yourself be disconnected for a while and give your mind a break to just regenerate itself. Also, turning your electronics off will give them a well-deserved rest too. :)
  2. Treat yo' self
    1. Small things like going out to dinner at a place that you like either by yourself, with a friend, or bringing a book can make you focus a little more on the world around you and you're giving yourself something that you like and it will make that cloud dissipate just a little. Loving yourself is important and we should be doing it more often, here's my post on how and why you should (x).
  3. Write stuff down
    1. Writing stuff down is a great way of documenting how you're feeling for yourself and getting it out of your system so you're not stuffing it down. Also, plan your weeks and months in your planner and start to get all of your important dates and appointments, what have you written down so you can plan ahead and around them. 
  4. Control what you can
    1. If you're in school, do your school work and get a head start on your projects, this way you're not procrastinating and your work will be of better quality. If your house or room is dirty, clean it and create an environment that you can control. Once you've gained some sort of control life is going to get easier because you know what you're doing and you can distract yourself from all your "what if's". 
These tips, especially #3 and #4, are helping me through this little rough patch. I encourage you to at least try these and see how it turns out for you :). Good luck, you're doing great and it's all uphill from here.

Love, Ken