Friday, April 14, 2017

Why I Stopped Wearing Foundation

    Hi there! Happy Friday, today I have kind of a chit-chat post. I'm gonna talk about why I stopped wearing foundation. If you don't know me, I freakin' love everything about makeup, so it's a big thing. At least to me, it is.
     I know that some "beauty gurus" like Jkissa and Michelle Phan don't wear foundation and only recently did I realize that I stopped wearing it too. It was never that I didn't like myself in foundation cause I did and it wasn't that finding the right foundation was difficult for me because as much as it was I eventually found one whether it was drugstore or high end. It got to a point where two things came to my mind. 1.) I suck at putting foundation on and 2.) I really don't think that I necessarily need to wear foundation.
     Whenever I would put foundation on it would be too much and I mean too much. Too much to the point where it would become "cakey" and it wouldn't look good anymore and it was a pain to take off. My skin also would break out a lot more when I would wear foundation compared to when I wasn't wearing it. When I did my makeup, I liked just wearing concealer and the rest of my face products and it looks a lot better on me too, not gonna lie.
     I think that I would wear foundation again, just maybe a different type. Like instead of liquid, I'd shoot for cream or powder. Or maybe even a BB/CC cream. Now that I'm thinking about it, probably powder because it's a lot easier to work with. That being said, if you know of any good powder foundations, hook a sister up.